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Lady wished to have a Princess party

Lady wished to have a princess party

“ There was magic in the room—I firmly believe that her wish was a turning point for Lady ”

- Robin, social worker

When she was first referred for a wish, Lady’s wish would need to be granted quickly—within a week. She’d been in the hospital for months, and would probably stay there for whatever time she had left. Medicine was keeping her comfortable but there were no more treatment options. Lady was in pain and had lost the desire to go on.

Wish granters got to work right away, reaching out to all the princesses we know and managed to convince Cinderella and a few more of her friends to come out and party with Lady. On her wish day, Lady was dressed like Cinderella and Prince Charming even came to invite her to the ball and off she went to meet her friends and have a good time.

But Lady was not feeling well, her legs hurt a lot and she did not want to walk.  So the Princesses all rallied around her to sing and dance and play games, and as the party continued, Lady started to forget about her pain and started to enjoy being royalty.  She even promised to eat as long as all of the princesses ate with her (she had been refusing to eat the last few days).  Her favorite pizza was ordered and what party would be complete without cake and ice cream (served up by Dr. Halligan, the Chief Oncologist himself!).

Once the party was over and it was time to go back to her room, Lady refused her wheelchair and insisted on walking back to her room with her hero, hand in hand.

Less than two months after Lady’s wish was granted, something truly amazing happened.  Robin Capecci, her social worker called to tell us that Lady has defied every odd or explanation and is going home.   If you don’t believe in magic, you’ll have a hard time convincing Lady, her mom or anyone else who was part of her wished and will forever remember this as the day that Princess Lady walked home. “There was magic in the room—I firmly believe that her wish was a turning point for Lady,” Robin told us. 

This simple wish, granted by caring members of our community changed her life.  Thank you for being a part of Lady’s wish and making tomorrow possible—however many or few there happen to be.

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