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Meet a beautiful member of our Make-A-Wish family

Mother's Day Truck Convoy
Who are we helping when we fundraise for Make-A-Wish? It is a reasonable thought for anyone putting in time and hard work to fundraise for Make-A-Wish and help positively impact and change someone’s life. The answer we are about to give you will melt your heart in ways you did not realize was possible.

Every so often you meet someone who leaves a lasting impact on your life. Here at Make-A-Wish, we are always meeting individuals who we will never forget and Suzanna was no exception to this.

When times get tough, it can be hard to keep on going. Times have not always been easy for Suzanna and her family. They have dealt with several ups and downs throughout the years, but they always persist. Not only do they keep moving, but they do so with bright eyes, wide smiles, positive attitudes, and optimistic outlooks. Their positivity and radiant personalities have stuck with us, ever since meeting them.

When 11 year old Suzanna walks into any room, she instantly lights it up. Her optimism and happiness is absolutely contagious and inspirational. She is so bubbly and can certainly turn any frown upside down. In fact, her favorite song, which could be her own personal theme song, is Happy by Pharrell Williams! She always gets a good laugh while playing her favorite game, Apples to Apples.

Suzanna absolutely loves to play. Inside and outside, she can always find something to do. When the weather isn’t so good and she’s stuck inside, Suzanna loves to play on her Nintendo DS, do arts and crafts, watch the voice and snack on some popcorn. When the sun is shining, Suzanna is ready to head outside to play, ride her scooter, and help her Dad with yard work!

Suzanna’s favorite color is blue, just like the ocean. She favorite movie is The Pirates of the Caribbean and her favorite actor is Orlando Bloom. Are we sensing a theme here, that might possibly be related to Suzanna’s wish? The answer would be: Yes! When thinking about what she wanted her wish to be, she was sure from the start. Suzanna wanted to go on a Carribean cruise! Suzanna’s love for the water and having never been on a cruise is what drove her desire to make this her Wish. The idea of swimming in crystal blue water, walking on white sandy beaches, and seeing dolphins excited Suzanna, instilling a new sense of hope and joy in her and her family.

Suzanna’s love of the water, pirate movies and desire to swim with dolphins is what made a Caribbean cruise the perfect wish for her and her family. Having this experience together was something they will never forget. Suzanna’s wish gave this family so much, one of those being memories to always look back on thinking of the beautiful time they had together on their Caribbean cruise. 

Drivers, we would love to hear about how you are fundraising in your community to help grant more Wishes at this year’s Convoy! Send your fundraising photos to

Remember our 28th annual Mother's Day Truck Convoy is only a few weeks away but you still have time to sign up, fundraise and get involved (PS-Online registration closes MAY 11TH)! Join us May 14, 2017  at Burle Business Park! To learn how you can participate in the Convoy or for more information about the event, visit:

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