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What's better than a pancake breakfast fundraiser?!

Fundraising ideas
Rise and shine, friends! We know the perfect way to begin your day that will have you and so many others feeling good, happy, and your hearts full! With so many different fundraising ideas out in the world, it can be hard to narrow down just which one will be right for you. We are here to help you out and suggest a really great idea that will help to begin everyone’s day with bright smiles and full bellies.

Do you normally skip over breakfast and get right to beginning your day? Well not now because it;s time for a pancake and pastry breakfast fundraiser! There's nothing like a pancake and pastry breakfast fundraiser to start the day off right, fill those bellies, and raise money for an incredibly worthwhile cause. It's time to prepare those pancakes, pack up those pastries, invite all you know, ready yourselves for a hearty breakfast, and enjoy doing some good deeds. A pancake and pastry breakfast fundraiser is a great way to raise money for a good cause, but they do take some planning. We are here to help you get those ideas flowing, iron out those details, and spring this fundraiser into action!

Before you begin flipping those pancakes and serving them up, you need to figure out a location for your fundraiser. One good location could be a local church dining hall. Most churches are eager to lend space for good causes, their dining areas are open and large, and most have kitchen areas available for use! Local restaurants, like Applebee’s, are known for doing pancake breakfasts which would also be an excellent location, due to them already having great dining areas set up. Remember this is your fundraiser, so think outside of the box for locations. The sky is the limit and really, as long as you have people, it will be a success.

You don’t want your fundraiser to exclude anyone, which is why it is important to think about allergies. When planning your breakfast, it is important to take all individuals into consideration.  When getting the pancake mix for your breakfast, it is a smart idea to invest in gluten free pancake mix. The difference in the taste will go unnoticed and everyone will then be able to attend.

What about toppings? Most people don’t like just plain pancakes, which is why toppings are so important. Including toppings can also be a great way increase the money raised for this fundraiser. For each topping an individual wants for their pancake, you can charge them $0.25, or whatever you feel is reasonable. Some ideas include the chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, peanut butter, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, fruit, and if you’re feeling like you need some extra sugar, ice cream.

How about pastries? If you are a masterful chef in the kitchen, then put on those oven mitts and get to baking! If you aren’t so skilled in the kitchen, local pastry shops can be very helpful for you and your fundraiser. Many places are willing to donate to your worthy cause and help give your fundraiser some variety.

While pancakes and pastries may be your main focus, other options can be brought into your fundraiser to make it a huge success! To balance out all of those sweets, consider adding sausage, bacon, turkey bacon or ham to make this breakfast hearty, delicious, and nutritious! And finally, with all of that food to fill your bellies, don't forget about beverages. Ideas for drinks would be orange juice, apple juice, milk, water, and coffee but of course you can expand and include any drinks you please.

With all of these ideas sprouting in your head we’re sure you are ready to get fundraising!

Remember our 28th annual Mother's Day Truck Convoy is only 26 days away but you still have time to sign up, fundraise and get involved! Join us May 14, 2017 at Burle Business Park!

To learn how you can participate in the Convoy or for more information about the event, visit:

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