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The 28th annual Mother's Day Truck Convoy is only 33 days away!

Help raise money for Make-A-Wish
Chase off those winter blues and let’s celebrate the fact that spring has finally sprung! Spring is in the air and it’s such a beautiful time of the year when everything seems to be coming to life. Spring’s arrival brings along the promise of the rejuvenation in your vegetable gardens and flower beds, Rita’s Water Ice opening once again, outdoor activities, and exciting new fundraising ideas are being brought to life!

Drum roll please… Let’s talk fundraising! The best fundraisers and most successful ones are those that have something for everyone. With this exciting idea that we are about to share with you, it doesn’t matter what age you are or if you attend with family, friends, or even by yourself. All who attend are guaranteed to have a blast!

It’s time to head outside, smell the flowers, and soak up the sun! What better way to do this than having your own “Fundraising Field Day”! Are you ready to plan a day that is touched by so much sunshine in more ways than one? 

Location: Can you think of a really great place that would be perfect for a fundraising field day? We’ll help you out because we can think of three locations perfect for this fun filled day. More often than not, most field days’ take place at schools. If the school has a good sized field, this could be the perfect location for your fundraiser. An alternative option for your location if the school doesn’t allow you to is a local park. Park’s leave so much room for a number of games. Park’s with playgrounds can also be beneficial because the playset can be used in your field day games. Fundraisers are so important so it is equally important to have a plan A, B, and C, just in case. The third location option we suggest would be your own backyard! Having a field day in your own backyard leaves room for more creativity and zero limits. In the end no matter what the location, it will be a day to remember. 

Food: Food is always essential when attending events, especially a field day. People who are running around and playing games are bound to get a little hungry and thirsty. The best way to fight off these hunger monsters is have some food prepared! A great way to cool down and raise money at the same time is to enjoy some Rita’s water ice. Other great options for field day food are veggies, fruit, and of course pizza. 

Games: The main reason for attending a field day is the games! Let’s get down to business and talk games. One of the field day favorites is the human wheel barrel. This game is great because all you need is people to play and let the games begin! Another game, where the materials are minimal but the fun is maximal, is the three legged race. Ready, set, go! After running around, everyone loves to cool down with a water balloon toss or a wet sponge rely race. Games that could be more centered towards adults include cam jam, a golf chipping contest, or organized games like volley ball or soccer. The list of games could go on and on, so when organizing your “Fundraising Field Day”, remember the sky is the limit! 

Prizes: Be creative! Prizes can be anything you want: dollar store gifts, candy, and ice cream, the list goes on and on. A fun idea is candy Olympic medals. These can be made with York Peppermint Patties (silver), Gold Candy Coins (gold), and Reese’s Cups (bronze). Glue a string on to the wrappers and you have your “Olympic medals”! You can also sell these to boost up your fundraising results! 

There you have it; a “Fun Fundraising Field Day” can be the next fundraiser you out together and we promise it will be one for the books! 

Remember our 28th annual Mother's Day Truck Convoy 

is only 6 Tuesdays away so you still have time to sign up, raise money and get involved! Join us May 14, 2017 at Burle Business Park!

To learn how you can participate in the Convoy or for more information about the event, visit:

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