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2016 WALK BLOG #2 - FUNdraising at school

Walk for Wishes Blog #2
As most of the school semesters begin coming to a close, students are spending more time celebrating the approaching summer than stuck inside a classroom. High schools, middles schools, and universities alike are wrapping up their year with celebrations. Even if they aren’t setting up parties outside or gathering to cheer on the end of the school year, there’s an air of finality to the semester that’s all about bringing on the fun.

If there’s one thing that will bring students together, it’s in a little fun at their teachers’ expense! Get a principle, a few teachers at a high school or even some professors or RAs at a college campus to work together for some fundraising. Even if a school isn’t hosting a celebration or party, the last few weeks of the semester will have them aching for some fun anyway. Get a few known figures at a school on board and be prepared to have a little fun with them. Men will often be willing to shave a head or beard for a cause – I know my own high school hated our principle’s beard and would have paid anything to be rid of it! Pull in donations to bring attention, stretch it out over a week or two to get the student body excited, and have a cute little reveal.

If being able to humble a figure through their hair isn’t quite on the table, look to a nice roll of duct tape. Have a willing – and well known – volunteer set up in a hallway or commons, somewhere with lots of traffic. Then, sell out strips of duct tape for a dollar or two. The more tape, the more stuck to the wall that brave sacrifice becomes. The more tape bought, the more people are excited to see it continue! There’s nothing quite as bonding as letting students have a little fun on their own time for once.

If neither of those seems quite like fun, it’s time to go classic. A few pie tins filled with shaving cream for sale, some willing volunteers, and people will be lining up to get a chance at pie-ing those poor, brave souls.

Schools, offices, clubs, or parties: anyone can get behind having a little harmless fun for a cause. I mean… who hasn’t thought about putting a pie to someone’s face at some point in their life? To be able to say you had some fun “for charity” – no better excuse than that! 

We would love for you to post your favorite Walk ideas to our social media pages and tag us (@philadelphiawish on Facebook; @MakeAWishPHL on all others)!  If you have any questions at all, shoot us an email at  Thank you for your fundraising efforts, and we look forward to seeing you at the Zoos!

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