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WALK BLOG #10-Office Olympics

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On Fridays, we are all in a good mood and ready for the weekend, so what better time to bring a little fun to the office and raise some extra cash for your walk team!?

There are many easy ways to get some laughs and make a little money, or even put your boss in the spotlight!  If your office isn’t very close, this is a great way to bring everyone together and support an amazing cause. 

Try a Money board aka Wall of Money:  This one is pretty simple and can actually raise a lot of money.  Take a community board in the office or hang a poster board, and tape rows of envelopes with numbers written on them starting at 1.  Inside the envelopes feel free to put a flyer about Make-A-Wish® or Walk for Wishes so people understand where the money is going.  The higher the number you go up to with your envelopes, the more money you will potentially raise.  Each person will come in and take an envelope from the wall, and they are responsible for filling that envelope with the amount of money that is written on the outside.  They can return the money to your office or mailbox by a designated date! Keep in mind the size of your office, because 10 people can’t fill up 50 envelopes- unless they are feeling extra generous J

Dress down day:  This one is pretty self-explanatory.  Each person pays a fee to be able to dress down for the day.  But try switching it up a bit!  Instead of just jeans, do a pajama day, or better yet, youth day (where you dress like your kids or how you dressed when you were 16). 

Best/worst tie competition:  Similar to dress down day, your coworkers will pay a fee to wear a tie for the day.  Decide if the winner goes to the best tie or the worst (I personally think worst tie could get pretty funny), and vote on the winner during lunch break.  Provide a small prize like free lunch for whoever wins!

Pink Flamingos:  This is an adaptation from the Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser that you may have seen in peoples’ front yards over the years.  The idea behind this little prank is that coworkers will pay you a fee to flock someone’s office or desk space.  You can charge one flat fee, or give options of a small or large flock for different prices.  Instead of the large plastic flamingos, I recommend sticking with paper cutouts to place around the office.  Note:  Reserve this fundraiser for offices with a good sense of humor!!!

Last but not least…

Baby Photo Competition:  Everyone brings in a baby picture and they go up on a wall.  Each coworker pays a fee to guess who is who.  Whoever gets the most people right gets free lunch, or the right to make fun of everyone’s baby pictures for a week!

As always, feel free to post pictures of your fundraising events and ideas to our social media pages and tag us!  If you would like flyers or supplies for an event, shoot us an email at  We want to hear what fundraisers work best for you, so comment below or on our social media pages with more ideas to try! Thank you for your fundraising efforts, and we look forward to seeing you in October!

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