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Spare change for wishes!

Spare change
Fundraising can be daunting for those of you who are new to it. With this column we hope to give you ideas on how to raise money for the Walk for Wishes®, grow your team and have a great time!

So far, our fundraising tips have involved a lot of planning and coordination. Most of the time, to raise money, those are necessary! However, we want to give you an easy way to accumulate cash fast!

Everyone knows the satisfying feeling of doing laundry and finding a five dollar bill in the back pocket of your jeans. Maybe you put it there last week or even a year ago, but either way, it clearly wasn’t missed. How about your kids going through the couch cushions to find spare change? That’s always fun! When you find these hidden treasures, where should you put them all? We think it’s time to start your own walk jar!

Every time you find yourself with a little extra cash or change, immediately put it in your walk jar. You can even put a fun twist on the idea by turning it into a “swear jar.” Say a bad word, and they have to pay up! For some folks, this could mean racking up a lot of money.

One jar won’t boost your total too much, so this is where some planning comes in!

Create an event using Facebook and invite all of your Facebook friends. Keep the event open so that others can share it with their friends. Explain your mission in the description including a link to walk and encourage friends to create their own walk jar to benefit your team. This way, a lot of jars will be going at once and that extra cash toward your end total will be just as nice as the surprise bills in your jean pocket!

If you are part of a school, start some penny wars!! Have each class compete to collect the most change and the winner gets a pizza party! Or, tape a picture of each teacher to a jar and the teacher with the most pennies in their jar gets a pie in the face! Penny wars can be done in a lot of creative ways and in a lot of places but it only takes some jars and announcements.

Take it one step further and create jars or boxes to be placed at the registers of stores or restaurants. You could include information about the Walk for Wishes  and Make-A-Wish Philadelphia and Susquehanna Valley. Design your jar or box to be eye catching! Make sure to ask permission of the vendor before placing the box at the register. Remember to write down all of the places you left boxes so that a week before the walk, you can collect them and add a boost!

There are a lot of ways to raise money just by sparing a little change. For example, ask for donations for your birthday instead of presents. Maybe you’re babysitting, dog walking or house sitting on the side. Perhaps rights up until the walk, take a little piece of your paychecks out to put in the jar. Or even offer services to neighbors such as lawn mowing for a donation.

This tip is easy for you as well as participants because both help your cause and no spare change goes wasted! In addition to all of the great events you can plan to raise money, it never hurts to get extra help without too much time and effort!

Sponsor Highlight

Make-A-Wish Philadelphia, Northern Delaware and Susquehanna Valley would like to extend a huge Thank You to our new Walk for Wishes sponsor, Christiana Care Health System! Christina Care is joining the Walk as a Star of Hope sponsor.

Christiana Care Health System, headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, is one of the country's largest health care providers, ranking 22nd in the nation for hospital admissions.  Christiana Care includes two hospitals with more than 1,100 patient beds, a home health care service, preventive medicine, rehabilitation services, a network of primary care physicians and an extensive range of outpatient services.

For more information, please visit: 

Walk for Wishes Countdown!


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