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Eat for Wishes!

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Fundraising can be daunting for those of you who are new to it. With this column we hope to give you ideas on how to raise money for the Walk for Wishes®, grow your team and have a great time!

One of the most popular fundraisers today involves soliciting help from your local restaurants! An easy way to involve the community and boost funds is to hold a Restaurant night. A percentage of sales on that day will go to your Walk For Wishes total!

First, choose a restaurant. Chain restaurants who have participated in the past include Chipotle, Friendly’s, Chick-fil-A, Applebee’s and many more! Local or national, both parties benefit from hosting these fundraisers. Your total goes up and the restaurant is seen in a charitable light! However, if you’re looking for the highest possible percentage donated, lean toward locally owned restaurants as they tend to offer more.

When you call, remember to call the restaurant itself and not their corporate office. It is up to each individual operator whether they will choose to participate or not.

How it works:

Your restaurant choice will decide a percentage to give to your group based on how much business you can bring in on that particular night. Participants may have to mention at the register that they are there for your specific walk team or Make-A-Wish Philadelphia and the Susquehanna Valley so make sure to include that catch in any advertisement or email blast you might send. Sometimes, restaurants may even have coupons or flyers printed for you to give out. If not, consider doing this yourself as a reminder to potential customers.

It is best to host these fundraisers in the evening or on the weekends when most people are free to go out to eat with family. Encourage family members and friends to make a night out of the fundraiser and to spread the word themselves!

When customers arrive, they will either need to present their coupon, hand over their receipt after purchase, or tell the waitress ahead of time. Depending on what method will be used, consider going around to different tables at the restaurant asking strangers to help your efforts by making sure the bill is credited to your team. Explain the walk and why your fundraiser is important and you may find others interested in the mission of Make-A-Wish Philadelphia and the Susquehanna Valley!

Some restaurants even encourage fundraisers to work at the restaurant during the event. For example, Coldstone has been known to let fundraisers work behind the counter scooping ice cream for customers. This is also a great way to bond with your team before the walk.

If the restaurant seems really into your fundraising idea, ask them if they would allow you to put out a donation box or information table during your event time.

This fundraising idea takes very little effort on your part. If you’re feeling ambitious try to host one each month before the walk or a couple at different restaurants. Either way, you’ll enjoy good food, and more funds!

Walk for Wishes Update! 

In other exciting wish news, we were lucky to gain to more sponsors!

The first is one of our Community Partners, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)! Make-A-Wish Philadelphia and the Susquehanna Valley has a great relationship with CHOP as a lot of our wish children receive great care and treatment at the facility. We are very excited to announce their involvement in our Walk For Wishes efforts and thank them for their generous donation. To learn more about the Children's Hospital visit

Thanks to the continued help of our wonderful sponsors, the walk is looking better every day!

We are also happy to announce that our second new sponsor is Fox Rothschild LLP! They are a Star of Strength Sponsor giving a great donation of $2500! To learn more about Fox Rothschild LLP, please visit

Walk for Wishes Countdown:

Harrisburg: 67 Days                                                             Philadelphia: 74 Days

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