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Fundraising can be daunting for those of you who are new to it. With this column we hope to give you ideas on how to raise money for the Walk for Wishes®, grow your team and have a great time!

If you’re stuck on fundraising ideas, we’ve got some ideas to help you spice it up and raise those totals!

Summer means beach, relaxation, pools, barbecues, and of course, yard sales! Why not do some spring cleaning and host a yard sale to amp up your team’s total? Out with the old and in with the new, while raising money for your Walk for Wishes team!

You and your team can pool together all of those unwanted items to have a mega yard sale. Ask family and friends to donate items as well; you’ll be doing them a favor.

When setting up your sale, it is important to be organized. Individually price the items or place items worth the same amount on their own table and label it. Masking tape works like a charm when pricing items! It’s also important that your items are organized in order to attract customers.

Now it’s time to advertise for your sale! In the summer, many neighborhoods and public places host yard sales that you can join. However, if you can’t find one, the newspaper is a great way to place an ad but be careful because the cost of the ad could depend on word count so choose your words wisely! You should include in the ad that all proceeds will benefit the Make-A-Wish Philadelphia and Susquehanna Valley! If you have a neighborhood newsletter, try to place your ad there or for free on Craigslist! Social media is also a useful tool to let friends know about your sale. Post on local Facebook groups to generate more interest. Bring out your inner graphic designer and make a flyer for the sale! Hand it out on the street or in your local grocery stores, bulletin boards, or on the street.

On the day of your sale, be sure all items are grouped together and price tags are visible. Make sure you have plenty of plastic bags for purchases. You’ll want to emphasize that the proceeds will be going to Make-A-Wish Philadelphia and Susquehanna Valley Foundation by posting a sign where it’s visible to your customers. Some information about our local Chapter would be a great addition and a way to educate others about our mission!  A bit of free, refreshing lemonade wouldn’t hurt to offer either and it will attract more people to your yard! You could even go as far as having a snack bar complete with hot dogs and hamburgers for sale!

Speaking of refreshing, Dunkin Donuts has officially signed on as the coffee sponsor for this year’s Walk for Wishes! Since you’ll be enjoying a nice, celebratory, hot cuppa joe on Walk day, make sure your yard sale customers feel refreshed too!

In more exciting news, Aramark has also joined the team as the $2500 Star of Strength sponsor!

Hopefully this first of many fundraising tips has gotten you and your team even more excited for Walk for Wishes 2014! Start rummaging through those basements! You never know what treasures you might find!

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